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Romosozumab: Bone-Building Osteoporosis Medicine In Development


The need in the osteoporosis “medicine cabinet” is for more bone formation medicines since Forteo is the only available medicine for targeting osteoblasts, the bone building cells. Research on how cells communicate with one another led to the identification of a complex system of messengers, called the Wnt signaling pathway, which plays a central role… Read more

Amgen’s Osteoporosis Drug PROLIA™ Approved by the FDA


On the heels of the European Union’s approval, the FDA announced today approval of Amgen’s osteoporosis drug Prolia™ (denosumab) for treatment of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. We were expecting news later in the summer, so this early announcement was a surprise. Prolia™ is given in your doctor’s office as a shot under the skin twice… Read more

Unique New Drug Approved for Treatment of Osteoporosis in EU

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Prolia™ (denosumab), a medicine for treatment of osteoporosis under review by the FDA, received approval today (May 28, 2010) for marketing in the European Union. For Amgen, the maker of Prolia™, this was the drug’s first approval for use. The approval was 2-fold: 1- for treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women at increased risk of fractures… Read more