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5 Essential Facts About Bone Health Teens Should Know


Last summer we conducted the “Teen-to-Teen Bone Health Education Project.” This was a pilot project and first step in providing education as well as gathering valuable research information for future programs. Over a two-week session, the participants met with a total of 23 experts. The girls learned a tremendous amount of information not only about… Read more

Smoking: Bad to the Bone


Tobacco products are no longer available for sale to teenagers under the age of 18. Parts of the Tobacco Control Act signed last year at this time by President Obama went into effect this week: No tobacco sales to minors. No packs smaller than 20 cigarettes that were considered soft marketing to teens. Changes in… Read more

4BoneHealth Article in Ranch & Coast Magazine

Ranch & Coast Magazine Cover

4BoneHealth was featured in Ranch & Coast Magazine’s June issue. Andrea Naversen, R&C Editor-at-Large, interviewed our Dr. Diane Schneider to learn more about osteoporosis and 4BoneHeath. The article “Make No Bones About It” features questions and answers about bone health. The article is available online at Ranch & Coast’s Website. Learn more about your bones.… Read more

The Price of Beauty Might Be Your Bones

Price of Beauty

Pop star Jessica Simpson is back on the air with another reality show titled “The Price of Beauty”. She told the ladies on “The View” (March 15, 2010) that she got a lot of heat about gaining a couple of pounds. An unflattering photo of her dubbed “Mom’s Jeans” went viral after her performance at a chili cook-off last year.