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5 Nondairy Sources of Calcium


Since our bodies do not produce calcium, we need to take in this essential mineral every day. Before deciding if you need to take supplements to meet your recommended calcium intake each day, you need to add up how much calcium is in your food. For #TipTuesday, learn about 5 nondairy foods with higher calcium… Read more

How Much Calcium Do I Need?

Calcium has become a controversial topic. Do I need calcium or not? Do calcium supplements do more harm than good? Calcium is Essential Our bodies do not manufacture calcium, but calcium is essential for many functions. How Much Calcium is Recommended? In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released new calcium recommendations. Based on recent… Read more

Vitamin D, Calcium, and Common Sense

Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements

Confused about calcium and vitamin D? Who isn’t? The recent media coverage on the topic of calcium and vitamin D has created a tremendous amount of confusion among not only you, but your health care providers, too. Unfortunately, this news coverage may be counterproductive to promoting adequate calcium and vitamin D intake for bone health.… Read more

Top 10 Sources of Salt in Your Diet

Salt shaker

What would you guess is the number one source of salt in your diet? Potato chips, pretzels, pickles? Well guess again! BREAD I was just as surprised that the number one food is bread. Wow! Why is that? Bread doesn’t taste salty, but the leavening agents put in bread products are the source of sodium.… Read more

Is Calcium Bad for the Heart?

calcium pills

The calcium controversy helps draw attention to bone health. That’s good! Lots of media over a study with lots of flaws and a “trivial result.” Here’s my opinion on the meta-analysis of calcium supplements and risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular events released yesterday on BMJ online first. ➤ Heart disease was not the focus… Read more