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What’s Happening – Menopause for Women The average age of menopause is 51. Half of all women enter menopause during their 50s. With the loss of estrogen support, bone breakdown increases and bone formation is unable to keep up. This is a critical time for women who are at risk for a substantial loss of… Read more



20s What’s Happening – Consolidation of Growth This is the period of consolidation during which peak bone mass is achieved. Peak bone mass is the maximum bone mass attained. You reach the maximum bone mass by your late 20s to early 30s. There is considerable variation in peak bone mass both within and between races.… Read more



What’s Happening – Growth and Development Regardless of the start of puberty, it may continue for up to six years. Boys have approximately two years of growth more than girls. In addition, boys usually have a greater increase in the rate of growth during puberty than girls. As a result, boys have larger bones after… Read more



  Planning If you’re planning to start trying to have a baby, you should take a few simple steps to optimize your own bone health. Of course, all these measures are good for your general health, too. Stop drinking alcohol You will have to stop once you are pregnant. As you know, there is a… Read more