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6-Quick Workout Ideas | Exercises to Build Strong Bones with Rachel and Jilian

Rachel and Jilian demonstrate different exercises that are great for warming up or if you just have a few minutes to jump during class breaks or at the bell. Jumping is one of the best exercises for strong bones. Watch your form as demonstrated. The exercises become more advanced by adding a medicine ball and jumping over a bench. Stop at anytime if you feel uncomfortable. Also, view all our exercise videos and challenge yourself!


walk in place,
jog in place,
jumping jacks,
jump rope,
single foot hops,
squat jump onto bench,
cross over hop on bench,
elevated steps,
elevated jumps,
squat jumps with medicine ball,
cross over lunges with medicine ball

Build Strong Bones Today!
Tomorrow is too Late.

The Quick Workout Ideas was designed by exercise guru Janet Alexander of Pacific Health and Fitness and performed under her guidance. Before starting your workout routine consult a professional for individual instruction.

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Video recorded at Pacific Fitness and Health, Encinitas California

Funding provided in part by National Cheers Foundation