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Exercises to Build Strong Bones with Rachel and Jilian-Introduction

4BoneHealth has made a series of exercise videos to promote bone health in teens. Each video contains different
exercises with multiple levels from easy to hard. The videos are hosted and exercises performed by Rachel Edwards and Jilian Porath, two teens encouraging their peers to complete these exercises. Below are the
links to all of the videos. Thank you for watching.

Meet Rachel and Jilian
“ Hi guys, I’m Rachel..”
“..and I’m Jilian.”
“ Today we have put together multiple videos of bone healthy exercises.”
“ So the reason we’re doing this is to try to reach teens likes us and also encourage healthy
strong boys and overall fitness.”
“ I know we are young, but at our age is the best time to build strong and healthy bones. So we
want to encourage our peers to do the same.”
“ Don’t wait until you’re older to worry about having strong bones and being overall fit. The
earliest time is the best time, but then again it is never too late.”
“ Throughout our videos we have had different activities for easy, moderate, hard, and
advanced levels of exercise. We have also thrown in a couple different challenges for you to try
out on your own.”

Check out the rest of videos in this series Exercises to Build Strong Bones with Rachel and Jilian:

2-Squat Progression:
3-Split Squat Progression:
4-Shoulder Press Progression:
5-Deadlift Progression:
6-Quick Workout Ideas:
7-Jumping Plyometrics Outdoor Activities:

Video recorded at Pacific Fitness and Health, Encinitas California

Funding provided in part by National Cheers Foundation