Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE)

Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE)
Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE) is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation.
“Pursuing the greater good – together”

PHFE provides fiscal sponsorship and infrastructure management for health-related government agencies, nonprofits, and foundations. PHFE is the trustee of hundreds of fiscal sponsorship arrangements that require compliance with numerous standards and reporting requirements. As a fiscal sponsor that is public health mission driven, PHFE has a substantial portfolio of government grants as well as private donations, nonprofit organizations and corporate grant funding.

PHFE is helping advance public health education and programs across the United States that benefits the community not only locally but at large. To learn more about PHFE and their services, visit

4BoneHealth is one of over seventy programs that are under the umbrella of PHFE services. Browse their clients at PHFE is involved in over 200 different programs and projects in 26 states.

4BoneHealth works with a team at PHFE led by Natalie Still, who is Contract and Grant Administrator for 4BoneHealth.

Her contact information is:

Natalie Still
Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc.
12801 Crossroads Parkway S. #200
City of Industry, CA 91746
phone 562.222.7823
fax 562.205.2423