In 2010, our group came together in San Diego to address meeting the need of education and awareness of bone health and osteoporosis in the online and evolving social media environment. 4BoneHealth is an outgrowth of those discussions. Through education, we hope to make a difference in your lives and those of your loved ones.

Mary Beth Adderley

Ms. Adderley is a retired businesswoman and community leader in many organizations. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Old Globe Theater and on the Board of Trustees of South Coast Repertory Theater. She is an Emeritus Trustee for Vanderbilt University and was on the Board of Trust from 1999 to 2009. Her past service includes board for the American Red Cross Southeastern Michigan, The Detroit Institute of Arts and the Women’s Committee for Hospice Care, Michigan. Bone health is a vital issue for her and her family. She sees a gap of knowledge particularly in young women and their children that can be filled with education

Janet Alexander

Ms. Alexander, is a 30 year veteran of the health and fitness industry and co-owner of The Chek Studio, Inc. in Encinitas, California. Originally from New Zealand, she moved to the USA in 1998 to work alongside Paul Chek, the founder of the C.H.E.K Institute. As a sought after fitness professional, she has work with athletes at all levels in a wide variety of sports and has expertise in the field of rehabilitation and corrective exercise. She is a C.H.E.K Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach, is T.P.I Certified and sits on the Titleist Advisory Board as a member of the Fitness & Exercise Board.

Thomas Baker, PhD

My hope is that the work of 4BoneHealth will raise awareness of the importance of pro-active bone health strategies for both women and men. Dr. Baker’s previous positions include Executive Director and Board Member of the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, Deputy Director of the Navy Family Service Center, and Board Member of Social Advocates For Youth and Family Services Association.

Barbara Buckner

Ms Buckner was involved with the launch and market development of numerous life-saving drugs and vaccines during her 20 year career at Merck & Co., Inc. She developed her passion for educating people about bone health when she was charged with creating awareness on osteoporosis in Southern California for Merck. Ms Buckner spent much of her career developing and implementing educational programs designed to improve health care quality and outcomes. Now, she has combined her interest in bone health, educational quality improvement programs, and social media to spread the word about bone health.

Jane Hanneken

Ms. Hanneken has extensive experience with numerous medical device companies over her 20 year career, many of which called upon her previous clinical expertise for education and training. Her interest in the changing direction of healthcare disease management, education and early prevention benefits, as well as a diagnosis of low vitamin D and osteopenia, has sparked her attention in the area of bone health awareness.

Laurie Hawkins

Ms. Hawkins is a professional fundraiser with more than 15 years of senior level experience in nonprofit organizations throughout San Diego. She specializes in devising and implementing strategic fund development plans and has extensive experience in both annual giving and specific campaigns. Her skills span all areas of development with a sharp focus on building relationships and forming alliances. Through education, Ms. Hawkins believes, strong partnerships can be forged between nonprofit organizations, individuals, foundations, corporations and public agencies that will support individuals in making optimal choices for healthy living.

Andrea Naversen

Ms. Naversen is a veteran newscaster, network correspondent, magazine editor and author. She is currently Editor-at-Large of Ranch & Coast Magazine in San Diego. Ms. Naversen became interested in bone health because her mother suffered from osteoporosis, and Ms. Naversen herself had painful back issues. She has joined with an incredible group of people to get the word out about bone health.

Diane L. Schneider, MD

Dr. Schneider is a geriatrician and epidemiologist. She is author of The Complete Book of Bone Health that is written for consumers. Her career was focused on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in both patient care and research at the University of California, San Diego until a disabling back injury forced an early retirement. In keeping with her alma mater, Wake Forest University’s motto Pro Humanitate, her passion for education about bone health and the rapidly changing media to convey information, 4BoneHealth is the means to this end.