Laura Frontiero, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Certified Clinical Densitometrist

Kaiser Permanente

Healthy Bones Program

Appointments limited to Kaiser patients

Laura Frontiero is a nurse practitioner and clinical densitometrist specializing in osteoporosis care. She is employed by Kaiser Southern California’s Healthy Bones Program. The program has achieved international recognition and was recently quoted by the International Osteoporosis Foundation in the 2012 “Capture The Fracture” campaign to have created “arguably the most comprehensive fragility fracture prevention initiative in the world”. In addition to providing patient care, she is also involved in developing bone density (DXA) screening and osteoporosis treatment pathways through Kaiser San Diego’s Healthy Bones Steering Committee.

Ms. Frontiero is a member of the Southern California Kaiser Healthy Bones education team and has assisted her regional leaders with developing patient and provider education tools. Although she is involved in the Healthy Bones Program at multiple levels, her true passion is working directly with patients.

She holds a Master of Science degree from San Diego State University and a nurse practitioner certificate from the School of Medicine at University of California, San Diego.