Yoga promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Although regular daily practice of yoga has not been systematically studied in persons with osteoporosis, you may safely participate with some modifications.

Anyone may benefit from the practice of yoga whether you are in great physical health or have physical limitations. The benefits of yoga can include better strength and balance, lowered blood pressure, and stress relief.

Starting Yoga

Yoga encompasses a wide variety of different types or techniques. You need to match your needs with the appropriate level, type, and instruction. If you are thinking about starting yoga, consult with your doctor first. Then find an experienced instructor who can guide you safely through a yoga session either privately or in a small group. It is important to discuss any injuries or limitations with your yoga practitioner prior to practice.

Modify to Avoid Loading the Spine

If you have low bone density in the spine, you should avoid any exercises or positions that increase loads on the spine. These would include positions that involve bending forward from the waist. Instead you should try to maintain a neutral spine. Work with an experienced instructor to learn necessary modifications to various poses.

If you are already participating in yoga and have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you should reevaluate your current regimen.


All standing postures basically work on your balance since you are engaging core strength as you are holding poses.  If you have difficulty with your balance and or just in any type of poses your yoga instructor can to modify the pose or offer props (chairs, blocks, walls, pillows, straps) to help you.

Don’t shy away from these type of physical activities if you have of a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Seek out experienced instructors who know about osteoporosis who will help you safely do yoga or modify your regimen if you are already practicing yoga. Most of all participate in activities that you enjoy and find rewards from.

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