Calcium Supplements

Ninety-nine percent of the body’s calcium is in the skeleton. A constant level of calcium is maintained in the blood to provide the calcium needed for critical cell functions particularly in muscles and nerves. Regulating hormones interact with bone, intestine, and kidney in order to ensure an adequate supply of calcium vital functions.

Bone also requires ample supplies of calcium for mineralization to maintain strength and integrity. However, too many withdrawals may weaken the bone and lead to an increased risk of fractures.

The body does not manufacture calcium. So you must provide a constant supply of calcium. Recommendations your target daily calcium intake are based on your age and gender. The upper levels that you should not exceed are also displayed in the table below.

Calcium Recommended Daily Intakes

2010 Institute of Medicine


Age in years Amount in milligrams Upper Levelin milligrams
1-3 500 2500
4-8 800 2500
9-18 1300 3000
19-50 1000 2500
Women 51+ 1200 2000
Men 51-70 1000 2000
Men 71+ 1200 2000