Activity - Walking

Physical activity is essential for building bone and maintaining bone health. Bone requires physical activity to stay in shape. Mechanical strain on the bone provided by activity helps to maintain bone.

Spend More Time on Your Feet

Physical activity is just not about the time you are walking or going to the gym but also your activity throughout the day. The best mantra is “spend more time on your feet.” During the day stay active and avoid long periods of sitting. Everything you do while in motion counts as physical activity including household work, gardening, and walking in place. Think about how to incorporate more movement during your daily routine.

Engage in Regular Physical Activity

A total of 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises on most days of the week is recommended. More time is needed to stay in shape once you’re over 50, focus on at least 60 minutes. If you are already active, turn it up a notch by increasing the time and intensity.

Best Bone Building Exercises

Impact and resistance exercises are the best to promote bone building. Walking, jogging, and running are examples of weight-bearing exercises. In contrast, swimming is not weight bearing but is good for muscles. Don’t give up swimming just incorporate weight-bearing and weight-resistive exercises in your exercise routine.

Do Something You Like

You’ll be more likely to do an exercise routine if you enjoy doing it. Try out an organized class. You’ll may find a zumba dance class more fun than hitting the treadmill. A personal trainer may help motivate you and ensure you get through a workout safely.

Vary Your Routine

Do a combination of cardiovascular exercises, stretching, weight training, and resistance work. Alternate days of cardio and muscle strengthening or focus on separate muscle groups, such as upper body one day, lower body the next. Once your routine becomes “routine” change it. You can anticipate mastering a routine over 6 to 8 weeks then modify it to continue making gains.