What are the signs of osteoporosis?

For the majority of individuals with osteoporosis, there are no signs that the disease is present.

Height Loss

Height loss is not a specific sign of osteoporosis. However, osteoporosis is one of the possible causes of height loss. Height as well as your weight should be measured at least once a year in your doctor’s office.


Kyphosis, also known as dowager’s hump, may be result of more than one fracture occurring in the upper back. It is the deformity in the upper back that causes one to be bent forward. Although multiple problems may manifest as kyphosis, osteoporosis is the one most identified with this condition.

Identify Osteoporosis Early Before a Fracture

The virtual lack of changes in physical appearance reinforces the need to identify osteoporosis before any fracture occurs. If you are going through the transition to menopause or are postmenopausal, ask your doctor if it’s time to have a bone density scan or DXA. Men should also bring up the subject of osteoporosis during their doctor’s visit.