Should my husband take calcium?

Calcium is important for bone health than men, too. Your husband should follow the general recommendations for daily intake of calcium. If he is age 70 or younger, the recommended intake each day is 1000 milligrams. If your husband is over age 70, the recommended intake is 1200 milligrams daily.

He should try to meet his recommended daily intake with food. Supplements should do just that – supplement the dietary sources if needed to reach the recommended intake.

Prostate Cancer and Calcium

The recent press about prostate cancer and calcium referred to men with advanced prostate cancer who were taking hormonal therapy that increases their risk for osteoporosis. This was not about calcium supplements causing prostate cancer as some headlines suggested.

The study review suggested that men with prostate cancer who are taking calcium supplements while on hormone therapy were not benefiting in terms of bone health. Instead the study concluded that they were putting their overall health at greater risk. The studies evaluated were not clinical trials that compared calcium supplementation to no calcium supplementation, which would give the evidence of its effects. Further studies are required to establish whether increasing calcium intake during hormone therapy leads to better bone health or not.