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Pregnancy Planning

If you’re planning to start trying to have a baby, you should take a few simple steps to optimize your own bone health. Of course, all these measures are good for your general health, too.

Stop drinking alcohol

You will have to stop once you are pregnant. As you know, there is a delay between conception and your positive pregnancy test. So be prudent and stop any alcoholic beverages now.

Stop smoking

That advice should be a no-brainer.

Eat a balanced diet

Go through your cabinets and clean out the junk food and processed foods. Focus on quality protein, vegetables, and fruits.

Exercise regularly

If you are not already doing so, find the time to add at least 30 minutes a day along with just spending more time on your feet. Keep moving!

Consume calcium

A total of 1000 milligrams of calcium a day is your recommended daily intake. If your food does not provide this amount, make up the difference with supplements to total 1000 milligrams each day.

Check your vitamin D

Ensure you are vitamin D replete. Your recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 600 International Units (IUs). However the time of year, where you live, casual sun exposure, and other factors, may increase the amount of vitamin D you need. The best indicator of your vitamin D status is to measure it. Talk with your doctor about checking your vitamin D level – it’s a blood test.

These steps are important not only for you but also your partner. For instance, vitamin D increases the quality and movement of sperm. These measures may increase your chances of getting pregnant!

Also consider prenatal vitamins

Cover all your bases with starting prenatal vitamins. Ask your doctor what supplements are recommended. Be sure and read the labels carefully. Most prenatals include some vitamin D and calcium. Take those amounts into account when adding up your total daily vitamin D and calcium intakes.

Have fun and relax. Good luck!