Learn Everything You Can

Education is key to lowering your risk of future fracture due to osteoporosis. Now’s the time to learn everything you can about osteoporosis.

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Dr. Google

A Google search with the word “osteoporosis” yields over 40 million results.

Beware of claims that sound too good to be true. There is no magical solution. Examination of treatments in clinical trials provides the highest level of evidence. The websites selling “a cure” do not have rigorous scientific research to back up the claims.

Trusted Resources

Instead of trying to wade through pages of search results, we have a place for you to start with your education. Click on our resource tab. We’ve compiled a list of various resources that include consumer-friendly information on bone health and osteoporosis that is objective and well-balanced.

If there is a website or resource that you have found helpful that is not on our resources list. Let us know so we can review it.

Educate Your Whole Family

Share your diagnosis of osteoporosis with your whole family. Your children, grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren, if that’s your case, will benefit from the knowledge. Your family members will be more likely to pay attention to their own bone health in order to lessen their risk in later life of osteoporosis. Teach them what you’ve learned so they can build and maintain a strongest bones possible.