Don’t panic

No one wants to hear, “You have osteoporosis.”

But it’s better to know than not to know. Hopefully you can move forward with your glass half full rather than half empty to lessen the impact of this disease on your life.

The overall goal is to prevent a broken bone. If you already have one, the goal is to “Stop at One.”

An Ounce of Prevention

To say that breaking a bone is an accident is a say it’s a matter of chance, a surprise. Fractures happen all the time and a large portion are due to falls. The injuries that people sustain in falls are predictable. Therefore, they should also be preventable.

That’s where the work comes in on your part. The good news is the measures to improve your bone health are simple ones. Small changes can make large differences in decreasing your fracture risk. It will take some time and focus on your part but you can easily do it.

Let’s get started.