T-score DXA lumbar spine scan Hologic


T-Score is a standardized number that you may see on your bone density scan results or reports. Your bone mineral density (BMD) at each skeletal site of measurement is compared to a reference database of younger individual at peak bone mass (average age 30) and same sex. This calculated score is used for diagnosis of… Read more


Teriparatide is the generic name for an osteoporosis medicine with the brand name Forteo┬«, a product of Eli Lilly and Company. No generic version of Forteo is available since the patent for Forteo is still in effect until December 2018. Multiple companies are pursuing other routes of delivery of this medicine, which is currently available… Read more

Trabecular Bone Structure Connected Plates & Rods

Trabecular Bone

Bone is made up of two different types of bone: cortical and trabecular. Trabecular bone, also called cancellous bone, makes up about 20% of the skeleton. Trabecular bone is found predominantly in the spine and at the ends of the long bones. Rods and Plates Trabecular bone is a network of connecting plates and rods… Read more