Estrogen is a sex hormone that supports bone health in not only women but also in men. Estrogen is key during the growth spurt in puberty along with other hormones. For women after puberty, regular menstrual cycles are a general indicator of adequate estrogen support for the bone and other critical functions. In the menopause… Read more


Evista┬«(raloxifene) is an osteoporosis medicine that is called a selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERM. You may also see it referred to as an estrogen agonist antagonist (EAA). These names are descriptive of its mechanism of action. Evista acts like estrogen in some tissues and blocks the effect of estrogen in others. Evista is beneficial… Read more

Exercise weight resistive


Regular exercise is essential for bone health. Mechanical strain to bone produced by exercise enhances bone building over bone breakdown activity. in the absence of physical activity, stem cells that have the potential to produce osteoblasts, the bone building cells, will make fat cells instead. The following exercise principles are a general guide for maintenance… Read more