Denosumab is the generic name for brand name Prolia® and Xgeva® manufactured by Amgen. No generic version is available for this medicine. Prolia is 60 mg of denosumab administered under the skin twice a year – every 6 months. Prolia is indicated for postmenopausal women or men at high risk for fracture. Also it is… Read more


What is a bone healthy diet?  It’s difficult to define a diet in isolation of everything else. Other factors interact with diet and your nutritional status. Lifestyle factors, especially physical activity, alcohol consumption, and smoking influence bone health. If you have healthy habits, you most like have a healthy diet and the reverse may be… Read more

Drug Holiday

Drug holiday refers to stopping your osteoporosis medicine for a temporary time period. Essentially you are on “holiday” from taking your medicine. Specifically, this is referring to the bisphosphonate class of medicines. Expert Opinion This practice has arisen based on primarily expert opinion since there is scant clinical trials research to provide evidence in this… Read more

DXA scan spine Hologic


The most common bone density scan is often referred to by its abbreviation DXA or DEXA. The latter is the preferred term. Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is the full name. The name is descriptive of the technique used to measure the amount of bone mineral density. Two different energy levels of x-ray beams pass through… Read more